Indifference April 22, 2012

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You fervently beg off and hope

That it echoes back an iota of feeling

So you’re not sent wheeling home

But it doesn’t give you one reason to stay here;

Waves you on with a five second benediction

And a lazy stretch of the arms.


It doesn’t pry;

Won’t push you to look at yourself in the mirror,

Re-evaluate your misguided cure,

Reverse course.

If you want someone spreading your gossip,

Head over to the housewife brunch.

If you need an ear,

It has one detachedly deaf.

Could you use a pick me up? Need a light?

Nothing sparks a light in its distant eye.


It might have sex with you

If you’re on top doing all the work.

It won’t say no to free money

Unless it has to leave its comfy armchair.


It won’t drag you down.

It doesn’t care if you sing the bluest blues,

Or paint the town red while it stays at home

Or leave it alone with your nightmares in the dark.

It won’t be any kind of ball and chain

Even if you beg it to ground you.


According to experts, the expansion of IT

Is the great tragedy of our times

And according to mothers,

IT is no dandelion bouquet in May,

No warm hug and no flush of her cheek

And no good reason to not see you.


You treat it like an innocuous gas but

IT is responsible for

Replies unsaid and check lists undone,

Your miserable, failed love life,

America’s diabetes and soon to be dialysis,

Lonely elders in your nursing home next door,

The shift of your old neighborhood into survival crime,

The clockwork of oil spills, factory explosions, exploding corruption,

The stagnant unrest of democracy gone apathetic,

Hungry, hopeless children in Ukraine prostituting for food,

Conflict diamond slavery and slaughter in Africa,

Unchecked genocide across your globe,

Colossal fucking holes in your atmosphere,

And everyone vaguely knowing and no one frankly caring.


14 Responses to “Indifference”

  1. mw2828 Says:

    well written… sometimes a shoulder shrug is the most dangerous thing in the world.

  2. bneal817 Says:

    Some cold hard Truth here, well written. The silent and subtle responsibility we all share…

  3. masterbias Says:

    My favorite line is: It won’t be any kind of ball and chain

    Even if you beg it to ground you.

  4. Ian Moone Says:

    Love how you use IT as a device

  5. adurnablue Says:

    Tag you’re it! I’ve been thrust into a game of blog tag and you’re comin in with me. click the link, follow the instructions and answer the question i left you.

  6. Eve Redwater Says:

    A lot of powerful messages in here… hits home!

  7. boomiebol Says:

    Nice…thanks for stopping by my blog and liking some of my posts πŸ™‚

  8. ianmcmanus Says:

    The lines in the last stanza starting at the line Lonely…apathetic gave me goosebumps, maybe just a little bit. And the last line couldn’t sum up your poem any more perfectly. Nice work.

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