For my lil sis April 15, 2012

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Here’s a pic I painted for my little sis. Also, for kicks, here’s a poem I wrote her on her 16th bday.

We became sisters when you were thirteen

And your hair and your mood swings were uber extreme.

You’re kool and spontaneous, kindof between

The age when you learn what’s real life and a dream.

It’s cliche, but I’ll say it, I have to admit

I’m proud of your progress, your brainy quick wit.

You’re empowered and strong and you never give up

Don’t ever be scared to tell it straight up.

You’ve got lots of brain waves up there in your head

So don’t start to think with your ego instead.

You’re flyy and you’re funky with jazzy good looks,

Don’t let fugly boys steal you like crooks.

You’re inspired and hardcore with mad street smart skills

Swag up in life and you’ll pay all the bills.

If life gets between us, I’ll really be pissed.

We’ve had some good times and I’m psyched you’re my sis.


13 Responses to “For my lil sis”

  1. Wonderful… 🙂 no word of mine can express the feelings behind this poem and the wonderful painting… 🙂 All i can say is Lovely post… 🙂 God bless… 🙂

  2. 2sidestory Says:

    I really liked this poem and could totally relate being a big sis as well. You have inspired to try writing one about her

  3. adurnablue Says:

    Perfect slangy, love love love it. And you paint! You’ve been holding back on me slangy! And tell your sis I say she has to be mega special to have a sis like you so she should treasure you always, and likewise you her. Nothin’ stronger than sisterly love! peace out \ /

    • earthslang Says:

      I was going to tell you that your recent pics inspired me to dig out the paints so actually me and my little sis should be thanking you lol. And I’ll pass on your message to her; she’s definitely special ❤

  4. this is amazing! a painting that comes with a poem is a great sign of dedication. i am certain that she will love this piece. keep up the good work!

  5. Arianna Says:

    Awwwhh ! Thankss ! This Is Awesome And i lovee The Picturee Because The Hair Reminds Me Of Mine When i Comb it Outt ! i Love The Poem, its Beautifull And As Gorgeous As Can Bee. Thanks To Everyonee Who Comented On It.

  6. boomiebol Says:

    Lovely :). It’s interesting that I came across this, I just wrote a poem for my younger sister today.

  7. zygerina Says:

    ohhh i wish ive seen this few days back…cause on 28th was my sis’s bday i showed this to her she wud have loved it ….sweet poem btw!

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