Circusymmetry April 8, 2012

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Walking with you at the circus.

Holding your hand cause

I’m afraid you’ll wander and

Get sat on by the giant elephant

Or tricked by the mean clown.

Holding your hand cause

The two headed snake makes me shiver

And the bearded lady’s mournful gaze

Is a little too much like mine.

The fire breathing tiger compels you

To lean in and touch it’s life-force.

Good thing I’m holding your hand cause

I yank you away in time


What would I do with

A one armed, tiger-burned you?

You say you’re going for a pony ride;

You won’t be back for a while.

And I say fine, go.

I let go your hand and

Imagine the worst

Because the circus is the place

Where imbecilic imagination breeds.

I wander the circus for weeks

Sick of cotton candy sweet,

Sick of collision of glitter and manure,

Sick of sleeping cold alone under the bleachers.

And then you’re back,

Thoroughly inside yourself.

That show pony took you to the saddest funeral and

You need the tiger’s energy now.

So I pull you to the cage but

You no longer want to seize the fire.

I turn back to persuade you,

Tug at your hand.

Where is your hand?

I’m holding the lock to the cage

And I hear the crowd gasp.

I look up and see a demigod in gold

Leaping from tightrope to pinhead,

Confident flight,

Resolute balance.

The crowd gasps

And I in unison,

Lift my hands to the bright flying jumper

And I feel the torrid breath on my neck.

I’m burning here,

Locked in this tiger cage without

My imaginary friend.


6 Responses to “Circusymmetry”

  1. Hey you, this is FANTASTIC. The pressure really mounted as I read it. I couldn’t read fast enough. 🙂

  2. Ian Moone Says:

    This was great, great title to

  3. autophagicprocess Says:

    Love the imagery!

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